Pokemon Go may have Caught all of your data!

Unless you happen to be living under a rock, there’s no doubt that you have heard about the Pokemon Go app that has so many users running around trying to catch ’em all.

If you happen to be one of these users, I have some potentially bad news for you. If you are an iOS user, Niantic – creater of Pokemon Go, may now complete access to your Google account. If you are an android user and you opted to side load the app, you are more than likely infected with malware on top of giving up the access to your Google account.

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Is You Antivirus Making You LESS Secure?

One of the biggest topics to hit Cyber-Security news recently is the level of security, or lack-thereof, provided by Symantec and Norton antivirus and anti-malware software suites. This is very ironic and startling at the same time!

Thanks to the dedicated researchers over at Google’s Project Zero, MANY vulnerabilities have been found within these Symantec and Norton programs and according to them, “are as bad as it gets!” These vulnerabilities have the greatest impact on the default configurations for the software and to make things worse, these programs run with the highest possible privileges on your operating systems.

What does that mean? Simply put, it means that if any of these vulnerabilities are exploited within your antivirus (if you are running Norton or Symantec) they could alter or access any other service or application on your machine!

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