DDoS, IoT, DNS and an attack affecting Hundreds of major Websites

If you haven’t already heard, there was a massive DDoS attack on a well known DNS service provider on Friday, October 21st. As a result of this attack, millions of people in the US and parts of Europe were unable to access a very long list of websites, to include tops sites such as: Amazon, Twitter, PayPal, Netflix and Spotify.

The scariest part of this attack? It was carried out by the most unsuspecting IoT devices that many of us use regularly. The largest number of compromised devices in this particular attack were home security cameras and DVRs.

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Modem targeting Malware

As if there weren’t enough things to worry about as it is, a new set of malware has been discovered that targets the lightweight operating system of select cable modems!

This malware, called LuaBot, has been quite active lately targeting IoT devices with Linux based OS’s in order to create large botnets. These botnet’s, or a network of compromised devices, have then been used to perform Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on different organizations. LuaBot is also capable of many other malicious activities such as obtaining certificates and configuration files and remote access.

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